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The Tour is Back in 2022!

Informally known as “the people’s tour,” this effort started more than 30 years ago, with NARI of MN involved, to encourage homeowners to remodel and expand. We emphasize professional remodeling and building, highlighting neighborhood architectural styles. It’s a spontaneous, positive atmosphere for showing off what you do and educating on the value of hiring professionals.

What sets this tour apart from other tours is a range of experiences AND that it is seen through the eyes of the homeowner. We interview each homeowner/couple before finalizing the commitment. Ideally the homeowners are present and engaged during the tour, but we now also offer a video option for those unavailable or uncomfortable due to COVID.  See sample video below.

Our visitors are particularly supportive of historic restoration and blending in. There’s also high interest in solar, environmental conscience, live/work/art spaces, and accessory dwelling units. At this writing, we’d love to see more locations in Saint Paul, and we have a special effort to get a group of homes in St. Louis Park.

We have fewer rules, more heart and soul. Homes that you might not have considered for other tours might be a great fit here. Call or email today to discuss options.

Tour Area Includes First Ring Suburbs:
Minneapolis, Saint Paul and the first-ring suburbs, Brooklyn Center, Columbia Heights, Edina, Falcon Heights, Fridley, Golden Valley, Lauderdale, Maplewood, Mendota Heights, Richfield, Robbinsdale, Roseville, St. Anthony, St. Louis Park, West St. Paul

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How the Tour is Promoted:

Copies of the Home Tour Guide are mailed to past attendees and available through libraries, other public locations and the participating homes. This is the biggest source of attendees, 25,000 copies.
• Community newspapers and the daily press have given strong editorial support (earned media) and represent the second-largest source of attendees.
• Through various partnerships, we’ve leveraged print and online advertising.
• Professional broadcast media pitches produced three major market exposures for the tour in 2019 (the last year the tour ran in-person).
• We strategically boost on social media.
• We answer specialized requests and opportunities in neighborhood and company newsletters.
• All publicity drives visitors to
• We assist the promotional efforts of our participating businesses, partners and in-kind contributors, supplying logos, photos and promo ideas.
• We encourage all participants to blog, email, use Facebook, and create web links promoting the tour.

Testimonials of Past Tour Participants:

“The Minneapolis & Saint Paul Home Tour was very important to my business. I had 26 houses over 25 tours. Tour visitors appreciate the opportunity to interact with the spaces and the people. Trade secret: I used to station myself at the front door so that I could welcome everyone AND answer questions as they left after seeing my work.”
- Keith Holtan, Holtan Kitchens & Remodeling, Retired

MSP Home Tour is unique in that it has always celebrated the spirit of homes, the real people who reside there and the professionals whose work brings the project to fruition.  It is an opportunity to promote my brand and begin the process of building relationships as it brings out so many curious, enthusiastic prospective clients. It’s a chance for us to share our work, answer questions and connect with other homeowners who want a chance to see the potential in their own homes. Many owners visit the tour over multiple years reviewing a company’s body of work and getting to know them before they commit to their own project. And we are delighted to be there to greet them.  Each year it has been a fun place to meet great new clients.”
- Margaret Griffith, Owner, Griffith Design Build